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Jhainkhan Homestay Nearby Visits

Merthi Gudda 360 degree, 2.1 km

Merthi Peak is a part of the Chikmagalur Range (along the Western Ghats) near Horanadu. the way to go hiking up the peak, from JHAINKHAN Homestay. one of the hughest peacks of Karnataka.

Tea & Coffee Estate 0 km

Climate here is very pleasant and can be visited during any time of the year. Monsoons pour enough rain in this region making the hill stations inviting with rich vegetation's of forests and coffee plantations. The snow white mist covering the mountain valleys during mornings and evenings adds to the irresistible beauty of the place.

Kudremukh Sanctuary Games | Neela Peak | Wild Life

Kudremukh range literally means horse face range. This untouched national reserve has lush green forests interspersed with rivers and grassy slopes, captivating cascades, rare orchids and plenty of flora and fauna.

Bhadra River Rafting 15 km

River Bhadra skirts around the hills of Chikmagalur, gushing and bouncing in places, making it an apt spot for white water rafting. Besides providing a wonderful backdrop to parts of Chikmagalur, the River Bhadra is perfect to add an adventure twist to the holiday.

Horanadu & Sringeri 2.9 km & 40 km

Horanadu - Deep in the Western Ghats, the Goddess of Rice - Annapoorneshwari, has found a home in Horanadu. Horanadus temple is dedicated to the goddess. Sringeri- Shankaracharya installed this mutt in 6th Centuary. Temple Sharadamma ,dedicated to Goddess Saraswati who is the Goddess of learning is located the banks of river Tunga.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve 40 km
Bhadra Muthodi Range 55 km

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area and a Project Tiger tiger reserve located 38 km (24 mi). northwest of Chikkamagaluru town in Karnataka state, India.

Jain Basthi Mutt & Rambapuri Mutt 63 km

Deep in the Western Ghats, Jain Basthi Mutt dedicated to Goddess Jwalamalini. its near NR Pura and Rambapuri Mutt in Balehonnour.

Wild Life 0 km

The great Indian Gaur (Bison),birds and Peacock, Barking deer, Flying fox, Panther, Macaque ,the Cobra, the king Cobra, Python, Rat Snake,reptiles that have been spotted. The Barbet, Blue jay, Kingfisher,Humming bird, Robin, Weaver bird, Wood pecker ,Horn bill, Honeysuckle, Swift, many other birds that have been spotted around.

Tapasu Stana 1 klm

Tapasu Stana is a Cave where a sage did tapasthi you loves to climb part of Merthi Gudda to visit the same. underneath it flows a guessing Streisand.

Balehonnur| Kalsa | Sringeri 25 | 20 | 20 km

Discover the best ancient temples in these cities, find temples marked with a profusion of intricate sculpture.

Chikmagalur Golf Club 95.6 km

Lush green hills surround Chikmagalur (1, 434 mts) and blend into Western Ghats. This is where the famed Indian Coffee originated, where the highest peak Mulaiyanagiri (1,925mts) in Karnataka nestles cosily with Babubudanagiri hills.